Do you long for a galaxy far, far away? Are you still waiting for your letter from Hogwarts? Do you always have your nose stuck in a book or wish to be a part of another world, once upon a time? We see your fangirl pride. We want to help you celebrate it. That’s why we created Project Fan Girl, a session that helps you unapologetically and creatively express your love for your fandoms.

Do you remember the feeling you got when you saw your hero light up the screen? The way you got goosebumps when she/he saved the day, discovered her inner strength or cast a spell? That is the feeling we want to capture with Project Fan Girl. But instead of you feeling those things for someone else, we want to help you feel that way about yourself.  With Project Fan Girl, you are the hero and you write the story. The focus is on you and the fandom(s) that you adore. We want to take those fragments of strength, tenacity, honor, love, and magic you see within your fandom and show them where they are within you. We want you to show your Fan Girl side every day. We want to honor your tenacity to overcome adversity, your ability love without fear, your strength to dig deep within and your courage to follow your heart.

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How do you know if Project Fan Girl is right for you?

Consider the following questions

Do you have one or more fandoms that you really love?
Do you have one or more fandoms that you really love?
Do you own a lot of stuff from your fandoms, like t-shirts, comics, toys or collectibles?
Do you own a lot of stuff from your fandoms, like t-shirts, comics, toys or collectibles?
Do you like to express yourself in creative ways?
Do you like to express yourself in creative ways?
Have you invested money in any of your fandoms?
Have you invested money in any of your fandoms?
Are you looking to express your love of your fandom in a new way?
Are you looking to express your love of your fandom in a new way?
Are you willing to go outside of your comfort zone in order to express yourself creatively?
Are you willing to go outside of your comfort zone in order to express yourself creatively?

If you answered yes to at least two of these questions then you are a perfect candidate for our Project Fan Girl package!

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Project Fan Girl FAQs

Is this just sexy cosplay?

Good question! While this is a boudoir shoot and you may be wearing lingerie, a bodysuit or a cute panty set as a part of a look, this is not about turning you into a sexy version of Hermione or Wonder Woman. Project Fan Girl is all about you discovering your inner Hermione or Wonder Woman and channeling the things you love most about your fandom or favorite character in your shoot. The goal of PFG is for you to embrace the things you love from your fandoms and use that to connect to yourself so you can find your own unique style of sexy—however you wish to define it! Our hope is that you discover new things about yourself when you are in front of our camera as you embrace the fandom you love so much.

How do I choose my fandoms?

That can be a hard decision! Choose the fandoms that resonate the most with you. Is there a show or movie you have loved since you were a child? Do you have any heroines that you wish you could be like? Is there a fictional world you wish you could live in? Think about those things—we have found that there is usually one or two fandoms that each person adores above all others. If there is one that you love most, we will plan several looks and concepts around that. If you have two or three then we will work to bring them all to life!

What kinds of fandoms have been done so far?

The team at Jezebel VonZephyr is unapologetically nerdy, so we have all done fandom shoots. We fangirl hard over Supernatural so there are many photos of us loving that fandom up. But we’ve done so much more than that and styled multiple PFG shoots for our incredible clients. Some of the fandoms we have shot are Star Wars, Harley Quinn, Ghostbusters, Hamilton, The Fifth Element, and Disney. Those are just a few examples. The sky is the limit when it comes to you expressing your adoration for the things you love!

I love a singer or a character, but not a fandom—could I still do a PFG shoot? What about a sports team?

Yes, definitely! Project Fan Girl is about celebrating those people and things you love, whether it is a whole world or a single person. So if you love a singer, like Lady Gaga, for example, we would brainstorm concepts to help bring what you love about her to life. The same goes for a sports team. We know how much people love their teams—we can help you express that love in new, creative and maybe sexy ways! Project Fan Girl is about celebrating your love and admiration in new ways.

Do I have to bring my own stuff?

Yes and no. When you come to your shoot bring anything and everything that helps you to express your love of your fandom. You can bring in props, accessories, clothes, toys, books, comics, and/or anything that you feel helps you express your love. We have had lightsabers, robots, gaming equipment, Funko Pops and a proton pack in the studio and they have all made for excellent photos. What you don’t have, we can sometimes supplement with stuff from the client closet. These include things like stockings, jewelry, gowns, shoes, and lingerie. If you have no idea where to start we will help you figure it out during your consultation.

Do I have to get naked?

Nope, you definitely do not need to be naked for your shoot! We will work with you to figure out what you are comfortable wearing (or maybe not wearing) and then style your looks for your session. We know that being nearly naked in front of a camera can be scary so we will do whatever we can to help you feel comfortable before we shoot any photos!

How long is a session?

Book your calendar for a full day! You will do several looks as part of the session, so shoots tend to last from six to eight hours. Don’t worry—we know this sounds like a long time, but it goes fast! And we are very accommodating to your needs, so if you need a break, some food or caffeine, we will make sure your needs are met!

Do I come up with concepts on my own? What if I have a concept for my shoot?

If you have ideas please share them because we want to help you bring your vision to life! But if you have no idea where to start, that is where JVZ can help. We will brainstorm ideas during the consultation then come up with some concepts that we’ll share before your session. We have found that collaborating helps to bring the creativity out of all of us, which means that together we can come up with some incredible ideas that will make your shoot unique and a lot of fun!  

Where does the session take place?

The session will take place in our studio in Bothell, WA. We have multiple sets where we will work to bring your fandom to life.

What if I have never had a professional shoot before?

That’s fine! Most women who come to our studio have not had a professional photo shoot before. It is not a problem. We have been taking photographs of women for over five years and we have plenty of experience with helping women to feel comfortable in front of the camera. We coach you on posing and help you to be seen in your best, most beautiful light.

Can I cosplay for Project Fan Girl?

Jezebel VonZephyr loves cosplayers and the amount of heart and creativity that goes into the craft. However, the Project Fan Girl shoot is not meant for cosplaying. This session aims to help women explore their love of their fandoms in a new and creative way and to help them to see themselves as the heroines of their story. The fandom is the vehicle through which our clients learn to see themselves differently.

Will I get green screen images, like they do at the cons?

No. Jezebel fully supports this use of Photoshop (i.e., full creativity in full cosplay without digitally morphing your body) however, it is not in our style to do so. Instead, we have multiple sets in our studio that we use to help bring the concepts in your photo shoot to life.

What happens before my shoot?

Before you come for your session you will have a consultation session via Zoom or in our studio with the Jezebel team, where you will talk about your fandoms and we will learn more about you. Together we will brainstorm ideas for your session and come up with some ideas for the photo session.

What is included in the package?

So much is included! The Project Fan Girl package includes a 90-minute pre-session consultation and brainstorming session with the Jezebel team, On the day of your session, you get a full-day shoot, which usually runs about seven hours. Hair and makeup is included in the package; usually, women will get two to three different looks to go with the various concepts for their fandoms. You will also have access to unlimited prop and wardrobe options and have your looks professionally styled as a part of each fandom concept. $500 in print credit* is included and you receive 20 watermarked image pairs from your session along with a customized digital slideshow with all of your images from your shoot!

*Print credit is just studio credit. It is free money!

This sounds epic! How do I book a session?

Woo! We are excited to work with you and bring out your fandom love! Simply visit our booking page to reserve your session. You will need to provide $150 deposit when making your reservation and the rest will be due at your session. If you need a payment plan please be sure to book out far enough that you will be able to be pay in full by the time your date arrives. We cannot wait to be nerdy with you!

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